Get up and run!

I woke up today and wanted to get on top of a hill … I know running does crazy things to you.

Fortunately for me a hill is just around the corner. I didn’t even wait for sunrise and just headed to the beach.


Today wasn’t a double sock day, but the wind was making a bit of a wave. Nothing like the gale force stuff I had got used to over the winter so happy times! You can see the hill and the obelisk on top. Getting there does involve  a bit of climbing.


Now if the hike didn’t kill your breath the views will – sun is optional!


You can see Dublin waking up in the distance.


Check out the beach below where I started. Looks like the tide is still out so more playtime!


And that’s what I did, inventing some sort of new  slow running reverse hill training. While I couldn’t discipline myself enough to hike up steep hilly parts at a low heartrate I kept it down while running. I was surprised how much of it I could actually run and what joy it was! Checkout the pics … only a runner can understand how those surfaces bring happiness to feet!

I ended up climbing up another hill and snag a pic while the heartrate cooled down.


All in all a perfect experience that ended with me falling into a bowl of baba ganoush I had from yesterday.


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