… and then something amazing happened

Today I had this moment of doubt … this tiny voice trying to convince me to drink another coffee before heading out for a run … but we all know how this would have ended. So I did the best to ignore that voice by putting on my running layers and it worked. Somehow I found myself out the door and as I spotted the rays of light breaking through I couldn’t wait to hit the beach. After warmup and taking in the sunrise I started my run.

And then something amazing happened!

My app had lost the connection to my heartrate monitor!!!

All I can say to my defense is that I had the most amazing time ‘flying down the beach’ and if there is no proof it didn’t happen right?

Now let’s quickly distract ourselves with some more photos:


Can you spot our friend spreading it’s wings?




12 Replies to “… and then something amazing happened”

  1. Haha nice post and photos. Was this really a technical breakdown or did you just feel like flying!? Nowt wrong with getting airborne occasionally! And yes wings! Its definitely an aviation kinda day!

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    1. No it actually broke down. It does that sometimes … might be the order in which I start the apps? I am using a hr monitor that does both standards ant+ used by endomondo and the new fancy bluetooth one used by the native tracking app … (also using the accelometer of the hr thing to record step frequency and smoothness lol).

      So … I do have an all on red recorded heartrate for the run … just not in endomondo and I didn’t have a voice telling me every minute my hr. I was also already 1 minute in my run and therefore could not possibly stop and restart the app … so yes I wanted to fly – I always do – but therewas no voice stopping me lol. I also have an excuse if all my slow training does not make me faster.

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      1. Dear lord it sounds uber complicated to just get out if the door! Well it doesn’t hurt to just go with the flow sometimes! Im not feeling niggled by anything today so I might just sneak out!


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