Uhm …

Heartrate of 150 while walking on flats and 138 while running?

That’s right. Wind in Ireland is something …

I did however warm up longer and this helps to not have the spike in the beginning. I also did this yesterday and it helped. Only managed 50 minutes … rain and wind would be the best excuse, but reality is that I had arrived at my destination and I am not going to run around the block just for the sake of it.

Rain was quite bad, my inovs are now well broken in and last but not least I haven’t felt my knee or any other niggle for a while now. So as bad as thisslow running torture seems most of the time, it works and I can keep on running.


3 Replies to “Uhm …”

    1. Have to take a rest day tomorrow so no choice! Couldn’t possibly tolerate my mood if not running for 2 days. Hard enough with the slowness.


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