It’s so simple – the results part of my plan

Brown, blue and red line please go down.

Thanks to my obsession with stats I found a way to display the forest (general development) and not only see the trees (individual runs).

Now I don’t really care about the brown line anymore since I got way too addicted to plants, but it’s the only one with a cool development 😀

I’m aware the lines are just summaries and don’t show the individual runs, but my theory is that if I stick to the slow running … and slow down possibly more, that the lines will adjust. Red down blue down – simple. To reflect that in the stats I will have to be disciplined though … over a long time period.

Never gonna happen! There will be always waves to run away from, dogs to run with, walkers with canes I must pass and nice hills I need to conquer to buy some vegan chocolate as a treat …

Have you ever done extensive periods of ‘base building’ and run in a low easy zone? How did you get started?

My goal is not to race – for now – but make sure I stay injury free and improve slowly. I can now run for 2 hours instead of 30 seconds last April and run ~5hrs per week split up between 6 runs.


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