Easy does it

… or so I tell myself.

I was looking forward to recovery week. Now I hate it. I feel sluggish. My runs so far have been not too much fun for several reasons. I went on a clients xmas party … I never drink again!!!*

It was cold … ok worst excuse ever I have awesome gear and I am living in Ireland.

I had to get xmas shopping done on the way back!

Whatever the reasons I did get 2 easy runs of around 20 minutes done. Heartrate wasnt as low as I like it but hey … I can always try again!

So today I need to change things and get back to happy running. Plan is to get out and catch the sunrise on the beach for an easy 40 minutes. Now that I posted it will have to be done!




*wine on xmas doesn’t count!


Falafel Mania

I love falafel … with anything!

Shopping list

This post is to find and develop my ‘usuals’ list. I work from home and want to have a balanced plant-based diet, so I need to have nice food at all times.

This will probably never be complete and always updated and I’ll see in the future how useful it will be.

Starches aka the base

Lentils (red/green)

Beans (kidney, canelli, butter beans, black eyed beans)

Potatos (sweet potatos and all others) – I get those on a weekly organic box scheme

Pasta/noodles (current favourite soba noodles) I usually get whole wheat – you get used to it quickly and start loving it!

Rice (sushi rice, risotto rice, brown rice, basmati, pudding rice)



Flour/grains (rice, spelt, wheat)


Anything goes … frozen in bulk when cheap. Important to me are different colors!

I get my weekly, local, organic veg and like to experiment with this.

Eggplants/Aubergines (need my weekly dose of baba ganoush)



Salt (sea salt, table salt etc)


Oregano, thyme, coriander, curry, basil



Soy sauce

Chopped tomatoes

Tomato paste

Sweets/Nuts and other treats

Honey melons are my current thing as well as the usual fruits via the box scheme ( apples etc)

Dried fruit … so much sugar yummy treat


Popcorn kernels

Other important stuff


Olive oil

Balsamic vinegar

Maple syrup

Nutritional yeast

Arrow root starch


Organic oat flakes

Almond milk, hazelnut milk



Frozen berries or fresh

Apples (via box scheme)


Best things in life

… are simple.

If you don’t know this yet … let me introduce you to Baba Ganoush.

You’ll need:

Tahin (or make your own from sesame seeds), eggplants, salt, garlic and lemons.

This is how I make it – as I found it the most convenient method. Might be better ones out there, let me know!

Preheat oven 205 degree.

Half the eggplants, prick them with a fork multiple times (heat can escape this way and not mess up anything) and put them on baking sheets in the oven once that is heated up.

I also put a whole garlic glove – cut open the top and topped with olive oil – in aluminium foil in the oven as well.


I leave them in around 40 minutes – until they are super soft inside.

I then squeeze some lemons – maybe half a cup for 4-5 small eggplants. I usually use the same amount of tahin as lemon juice! Try and adjust to taste.

1 to 1.5 teaspoons of sea salt do not hurt the taste!

Once the eggplants are done, I leave them out to cool. Then peel of the skin – which should be quite easy and put them in a colander to let them loose water.

After all of this – all that is left is putting everything in a blender, food process or whatever beast you have to make it into this heavenly delicious mouthwatering smoothness as you can see below:


All I need with this is a nice self-made ciabatta and I am set!

Still alive – 8 months of running

Hi guys,

I know it’s been a while. While I haven’t been blogging I have been running quite a lot.

And to get me back on track to blogging what is a better way than to review the progress I have made. This is also what actually motivates me to blog! I looked over my past entries and saw how far I have already come. So I need to ensure it stays that way in the future.

So here goes my summary:

The boring part – my weight

Since starting in April this year I lost 14% of my weight and 12% of that are fat! Wow … I gained also 2% of muscle. Now take that for whatever it means as I didn’t get any professional measurements done. I am and have for years been using a old scale that also shows percentages. Since it was going down/up I am happy enough with that as far as accuracy goes!

So in summary my weight is now at a point where I don’t worry about it. I still check it weekly, just to track it … I am super happy with that and am sure it will go down even further, or as much as my body needs/feels healthy. I’m still eating a vegan diet and have not yet any desire to switch. It is just way too delicious and keeps me incredibly healthy!

The interesting part – my running

Reading back through my old entries, I realise how far I’ve come … when I started blogging I struggled with running a full hour. I then switched to running 6 times a week and got my running durations up while keeping the pace easy. Who am I kidding … pace was super slow alright, but easy … I can’t lie about my heart rate monitor … it however most of the times did feel easy and good though.

Over the past months I go used to witness the most incredible sunrises. Going out there just when the sun is rising and everybody else is waking up is amazing and switching to 6 times a week made it a routine I now can’t miss!


By now I am still running 6 times a week with one day of rest. I am up to running 3 times for 30 minutes (my easy days), 2 times for 1 hour and 1 day for 90 minutes.

Right now it’s a recovery week and the first time in a month I am not running for 2 days in a row! I can’t believe the amount of energy I have – I guess that’s why I had to blog about running again.

Oh and yes – I am still slow, but I can see my pace improving!


April: 09:24

August: 06:41

December: 6:21


April: I couldn’t run 5k … are you kidding?

August: 40:33

December: 37:43

1 hour

April: ….

August: 7.09k

December: 7.63k

All of the above was without any racing and mostly easy/moderate pace. I just pull the numbers from my stats page. Looking at all the numbers though makes we want to know how fast I could run when running with others!

While doing all the running I have also become quite addicted to reading running blogs. It is so motivating to read what others accomplish each day I don’t even know where to start!

So how have you all been?

Vegan Pancakes

Did you know you can replace the eggs in pancakes with apple sauce?

So yummy and to be honest … much more delicious!


Voila! One more staple food.

Easy to make, easy to store, easy to eat, super quick to prepare and quite delicious.

Welcome to the world of wraps.

You can make your own tortillas. Get store bought ones, freeze them and change it up using either corn flour or wheat. I suppose even spelt tortillas would work well. I do like making my own, especially since my favourite supplier of whole wheat tortillas has switched the recipe and they now are not vegan any more! I can’t understand why but that isn’t the purpose of this blog …

To make an awesome wrap use the same ingredients as for the bagels! I do like to chop up everything more nicely though. I like to make a bunch of them, use different veggies for filling and then eat them whenever I need to!

My favourite sauce is Djion mustard mixed with vegan mayonnaise.